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China has proved how vested interests hold more importance than world peace (“China’s block”, March 15). But India shouldn’t be discouraged by this. After all, past experiences show that placing terrorists on a list does little to combat terrorism. India should strengthen internal security so that attacks can be prevented in the future.

Divya Singla,


Jawaharlal Nehru has become the whipping boy for the ruling party to cover up its failures (“Nehru the original sinner, says Jaitley”, March 15). In the latest instance, the Finance Minister has blamed Nehru for China’s stand on Masood Azhar! As Nehru clearly replied to a question in the Lok Sabha in 1955, there was no offer made to India for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. Neither the Finance Minister nor the Congress president should be using social media to discuss foreign policy.

N. Nagarajan,


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