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For many, the space for debate and dissent is shrinking, which demands that there be a fix especially as we move towards a new India. The initiative to organise an event such as this is welcome especially as it has become essential to be able to air one’s suggestions and sort out one’s differences on various subjects and issues. It is interesting ideas that contribute to making our country more vibrant, and The Hindu’s ‘The Huddle’ event should continue to be one such space for this.

Pushpendra Singh,

Sonepat, Haryana

I attended ‘The Huddle’ at Bengaluru (an event ‘by invitation’) and found the sessions to be cerebral. But in line with the newspaper’s stated position and in the shadow of the Rafale exposé, there was an anti-BJP thread in most sessions.

The session, “Reviving the Congress”, was not even a debate but an occasion to be an election platform for a specific political party. It would have been less blatant had it been on “How to build a credible Opposition” to achieve a similar objective.

Sunil Kolangara,


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